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Thank you for your custom gift order or request for more information on the creation of a custom crafted gift, plaque or sign.

As soon I as I receive your order or request for information I WILL RESPOND to it via email. If you don't hear from me within a reasonable period of time... first check your junk mail folder.

If you do not hear back from me within 24 hours I did not receive your request or I am unable to get my email through to you for whatever reason.

If you gave me your phone number I will call you. If you did not, please call me so that we can further discuss your custom crafted gift.

Please do not assume that I am shunning you, I am not interested or that I am too busy to help you honor someone.  I truly love working on these unique and thoughtful tokens. I have had the privilege of creating many special gifts for a myriad of occasions.

I do require payment in advance of beginning work on the custom items. You can go ahead and pay for your gift below or you can wait until we talk and I can send you an invoice via email or you can mail me a check or money order.

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity,

Michelle aka Granny

Submit Payment for Your Custom Gift

Shipping is not included in the below prices. Plaque prices include artwork

8x10 Custom Decoupage Picture Frame $45.99

4x6 Custom Decoupage Picture Frame   $35.99

3x5 Custom Decoupage Picture Frame   $24.99

8x10" Plaque with Hand Lettering       $65.00

8x10" Plaque with Lettering Created on Computer  $45.00

Larger Plaques we will discuss details


6" Flower Pot      $25.00

8" Flower Pot      $32.50

10" Flower Pot     $40.00

Naughty Nudie Purse  $75.00

Anything else we will discuss price

Sample Prices:

  • Item Sealed onto a Serving Tray - $85.00
  • Diploma or Other Ephemera Sealed onto a Plaque - 85.00
  • Custom Plaque or Custom Award (Golden Zipper Award) - $150.00
  • Custom Photo Album Cover and Back - Small $25.00 Large $38.00

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Prior Sale Policy - NOTICE: Unless stated otherwise all items are vintage, antique or used and subject to prior sale.

Return Policy - Please Read before purchasing from my shop

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